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green bean
6 years ago
57 posts

Hello all =) I am having trouble keeping all my dreads up in a bun with a hair tie, my hair is too thick and dreaded now!! I was wondering if anyone could post some pictures of some hair styles that you only use your dreads to tie all your hair or most of it up, out of your face. and if you could maybe instruct me on how to do it? It would be very helpful and I would be ever so grateful... Thank you! <3

updated by @green-bean: 01/13/15 09:20:22PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,409 posts

pics i only got 1 thats funky

but i would b=never use anything but my dreads

never hair ties

just wrap and tuck

weave and tuck

knot and tuck

criss cross abnd tuck

be creative

the key is just tuck it onder 1 and oull tight

they hold pretty well

yiu can even just take 2 sections fold em over eachother then take all the ends and weave em in wherever they wanna go

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Tied up in knots
6 years ago
202 posts

If you check my pictures you can see the way I wear my hair at work.

I just separate my hair into two close pigtails at the back center of my head and tie them in a knot. Then tie it in another knot. Then I flip the knots around to the "inside". It makes an interesting bun that stays up really well. If I do it right the first time it stays up all day. Because you flip the knots into the middle the tension and pressure from being held against your scalp keep the knots from unraveling. Make sure to tie the knots fairly tightly too.

Another way I wear my hair is to tie the top half of my hair like I did in the style above and then take the dreads left loose on the bottom and tuck it all over and into the hair that is tied up. This is also quite strong and will stay in most of the day. I don't have pictures of that though. I prefer it to the other style too. It shows off the dreads better.

green bean
6 years ago
57 posts

Right on, thank you guys =]

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