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Hair Loss?

7 years ago
4 posts

Hi everyone,

I started my dreads roughly 7 weeks ago (I think). I started by using backcombing, but of course they all fell out so I abandoned that method and put them back in using twist and rip. I've been pretty good about leaving them the heck alone since about week 3 and only separate every once in awhile.

Unfortunately, I feel like I'm losing a lot of hair. If I run my hands over my head I always come up with a pretty good chunk of hair (10 strands or more), and it seems like there's hair all over the pillow when I get up in the morning.

Am I just seeing all the hair that would normally end up in my hairbrush? I want to see this through and actually have nice mature dreads, but this is kinda freaking me out!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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some can be from the backcombing if it wa agressive ive heard ppl who backcombed extra agressvly had almosyt 1/2 theyre hair pulled out

but might be from just normal shedding oo

but you arent losing hair theres nothing to worry about if it was pulled out it will grow back

and 10 strands is nothing

u got plenty left

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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7 years ago
27 posts
I'd guess it's just from backcombing. I had this one dread that was caked in wax (never should of had any) so I combed it out and lost almost half the hair in it. Probably because none of the hair that falls out daily was able to leave and when you undo them or they fall out, that hair falls out too and you just notice it more cause it's all at once
7 years ago
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Since starting my locks, I lose so little hair I no longer have to clear hairballs from my shower drain. That being said, my backcombed locks took really good... I imagine if they fell out and I had to rework them there would be a lot of loose hair falling out because the knots originally had it locked up.

7 years ago
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its the natural shedding hairs. im on the long natural route so i still have a lot of sections that aren't completely knotted so i still lose a lot of hair. i find it on my pillow, shoulders, stuck to my shirt, etc. all the time. frustrating but it will stop once everything locks up.
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