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Wool tams vs Hemp tams, what one will help you dread faster?

colbi godlove
8 years ago
48 posts
I just got a hemp tam, wondering if hemp is just as good as wool?
updated by @colbi-godlove: 01/13/15 08:44:06PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,260 posts
i hear its good just not sure if AS hood wool has a loose electron that jumps easily to other natural fibers like cotton and hair and i think that has alot to do with why wool works so wellstaticbut all tams will help with the compression factor

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SunRay Mama
4 years ago
4 posts

Ok, so it is the case, then, that wearing a hat/tam over my locs will help them mature? I have such soft, fine, straight white girl hair!

Jessica Reyes
4 years ago
24 posts
Any tam is somewhat useful because dreads form from lots of movement and then compression when we sleep. I wouldnt recommend wearing it through out the day, but when you sleep that way compression is distributed around your entire head as opposed to only the side u sleep on. Wool tams are usually recommended because it makes the hair messier from static and such, but for compression any somewhat loose fitting hat is helpful.
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