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Will Gibbs
8 years ago
35 posts
okay, so i recently (like yesturday and today) have been working on backcombing my short hair, and making dreads (no shit Sherlock).Okay i have made a bit more than half, i have been doing them myself, with no help what-so-ever. I put little rubberbands at the ends of them to hold them in. Im kinda happy with them so far, BUT IM TERRIFIED ABOUT WHAT THEY WILL DO, such as fall apart etc.Im really scared about the results cause i know i should have waited for longer hair, but MEH!!! (so dont say shit about how i should have waited longer)Please tell me how they look so far....AND ALSO, I DONT WANT TO TAKE OUT THE RUBBERBANDS CAUSE IM SCARED THEY WILL FALL APART & HOW LONG WILL THEY STAND UP LIKE THAT, CAUSE I CANT GO OUT IN PUBLIC WITHOUT A BEANIE, CAUSE I LOOK LIKE A DOUCHE.Any advice will also be apreciated, and when should i wash or get them wet?PICTURES: all :D
updated by @will-gibbs: 02/14/15 04:36:48AM
8 years ago
751 posts
They are very short ... I hate to say this but the will most likely fall out :(You can leave in the rubber bands in but that will restrict movement and dreading will either not happen or it will be slow.Just be patient. Really...I know it's a hard concept to grasp but dreads will definitely help you understand it better
Heather Gamble
8 years ago
145 posts
well they might stick up that way for a while just cause it is short and u back combed but wearing a beanie will help them eventually lay down....and anyone who tells u to wait for long hair is dumb any length hair will for the rubberbands....they arent going to keep them from getting loose or "falling out" but if you feel better with them in i dont see any harm but get them off as soon as u feel comfortable or itll get sucked into the dread and in 6 months it will start to well degrade in there and u will notice a ball of black literally goo that will not come out itll be like chewing gum...i found that out the hard way.... and washing u can start baking soda wash anytime not washing doesnt make dreads happen any faster... good luck dude and seriously sleep with a beanie on for a couple days itll help those lay flat
Alex Angam
8 years ago
47 posts
Your dreadies should be stress free. Just take the rubber bands out, and go with the flow. They will fall out, dread up, and do more crazy things then you could have ever imagined. It is all in good time though, there is no reason to stress, or hurry the process.
Jake Holland
8 years ago
203 posts
I'm with Alex, since your hair is so short I would take out the bands and let it go where it goes. Let them do their thing, not your thing.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,329 posts
stop backcombing twist and rip the resti wouldnt leave the bands in long and i wouldnt worry bout em falling out if they fall out u wont look like a douche anymore and they'll dread up on theire own

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Island Mamma
8 years ago
530 posts
Replace the bands with patience. Enjoy the ride, don't fight it or it's pointless.
8 years ago
127 posts
listen man i had the sameeee exact fear dude btu i used TnR so mine are staying in beautifully with a lil loose hair but wut can i say im only 3 weeks in ya dig, and i still wear a beanie most the time i gotta tam now but its all good take them out when u feel neccesary and comfortable with it u dont have to if u dont wanna cuz mayb u dont wanna have a bunch of messy hair until it dreads by itself cuz mayb u got work or school man u knoe
8 years ago
849 posts
you may not want to hear it but we're gonna say it~take out those rubber bands!!! eek! they will melt and ooze and make a nasty mess in there. you need to learn some patience, dreads take time. With such short hair you need to forget about it for a while! Wash your hair and leave it alone, or T&R whatever you decide. Good Luck!
8 years ago
569 posts
Should have waited longer...sorry, I had to say it.But seriously, my hair is around the same length as yours and I went naturally from a bald head and I have a few dreads in the back and some more that are trying to form. I'm happy with my decision although sometimes I get stressed about it as well. It's really nothing that you can fix. It's all up to mother nature. True story.
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