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Sea Salt Soak Question

Raven's Light
2 months ago
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I was told on here to try doing weekly sea salt soaks before I wash my dreads, to help the roots. I was wondering how much sea salt I should put into the soak?  Advice? Could I also just substitute doing a soak for applying a spray? If so how much sea salt would I use in a spray vs a soak? I'm thinking a tablespoon could possibly be too much but I am wondering if anything less then that will be too little. Advice?

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2 months ago
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you don't need a lot of sea salt for a spray bottle. I used maybe a coffee spoon sea salt for 100 ml of water? the more salty it is, the less time you should leave it on your head before washing...

Raven's Light
2 months ago
153 posts

Ok, thanks for the advice. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 months ago
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the correct salinity is 3.5%

so you have to convert values and determine 3.5% of the water volume

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