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Stripping oils from hair?

Tat Tvam Asi
3 years ago
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For the past few months I´ve been an avid user of oils in my hair, such as tea tree, jojoba, coconut and argan.
I certainly enjoy the use of these oils, but I have to acknowledge that whenever I soak my hair in them for a couple of hours, I am forced to use a commercial shampoo product to get the thick oil coating off my hair again. For this reason, I was wondering if there was some natural product that could help me out?

I was wondering if something like apple cider vinegar would do the trick, but I have not attempted it, because I´d rather not have to wash my hair twice just to test if it works. :)

Thanks in advance.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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it should but if buildups heavy or anything then any clarifying or anti residuee shampoo will work, but these are very toxic so should only be used once every several months like 4 times a year max

clarifying or ani residue shampoos (only 2 i know of are suave clarifying and nutragena anti residue) will strip it all but they are very harsh

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3 years ago
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A less harsh alternative would be baby shampoo (paraben free) to help with the oils.  My hair makes enough oil for 5 grown folk.. so I use baby shampoo most of the time.  Its very gentle (hypo-allergenic), no residue, no lathering agents, rinses out completely and the lavender smells good :o)  I've used it for almost 2yrs without any problems or worries.. I hope this gives you another option! Good luck Wink2015-11-08 10.17.01.jpg

Be Well! ♥ R☮ZE ✌️

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3 years ago
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I know you've mentioned it's been few months, but maybe this time your hair is still on the adjustment period maybe they're still trying to cope on the process? So they tend to do their normal routine but confuse on how to act on it? People tend to wash their hair everyday then suddenly they would wash in every two days or so which makes the hair crazy acting differently. I'm not quite sure on you're washing routine and such. I'm just saying that maybe it's also a factor to consider during this changes? Maybe try to take note of your everyday experience during the progress on how they act today, how they act after every wash, you're activities, you're diet? By then maybe you could see the trend and maybe discover what's working and what's not. I myself sometimes do this which I think helping me to understand my hair the progress. This is just only my personal point of view. Would be glad if that kinda help. Just feel free to post any of your thoughts, questions because we have this great community to share and help each other. 


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