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How to encourage front to dread

shaun weldon
last year
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Hey yall I am a year and a half in and my babies are growing nicely. However the front is so stubborn and does not want to lock. any suggestions to help them along? thanks 


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
last year
27,271 posts

funny that the photo only shows the back haha

the front takes time but the dreadlockshampoo liquid makes mine dread up in a week when i get alotta loose hait in the front i switcvh from the bars to liquid for 1 wash only and bang it dreads right up

u might have to use it a couple weeks mine dreaeds fast

i also then have to seperate like crazy wich i nevcer do with the bars..or rarely  but after using the liquid  i have to separate every dread or be all congos

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