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jessica johnson
4 years ago
7 posts
My dreads are 2weeks about 3 weeks and are dreading pretty well. Ive wrapped yarn around one of them. But i took it out. Is there a specific time to when i can start putting dreads and stuff in my hair?What kind of dreads, yarn, wraps or what not are the best. I use to make beads out of polymer clay.Random question: my dreads are starting to separate at the bottom. Almost like they are spliting into two dreads. I have a few that are doing it and i kinda just pull em apart. Is that normal?
updated by @jessica-johnson: 01/13/15 10:06:40PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,192 posts

dont use yarn

when u force sections they often try to revert to natural sections and split where they would have sectioned

u can put beads in anytime but as they thicken they are likely to get stuck for years if u dont move them around alot

use embroidery thread..or hemp

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jessica johnson
4 years ago
7 posts
Awesome thank youIll move then likely get some hemp.Because i dont where to get embroidery thread.Well i guess i could go to walmart..Should i pull em apart and then let em DREAD? Or let em split on there on?
3 years ago
836 posts

I would like to see a photo of what you think is splitting. I often have baby dreads form that the hair will go into strange shapes as it is starting to knot up. Sometimes it looks like it is spreading out but then it forms a crazy ball. The dread changes shape a whole lot during the process.

jessica johnson
3 years ago
7 posts
Ill find a piece that is doing it and post a photo. Most of them i have already worked apart.
Amanda Clouse
3 years ago
54 posts

You can find embroidery thread at Walmart or any craft store. It is really cheap, too.

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