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new dreads and shampoo

4 years ago
2 posts
Finally finished my dreads after 3 days they are beautiful! Im wondering on a good shampoo that I can get at a store. I am too forgetful to remember to order online when im low. I tried Dr. Bronner before I dreaded and I diluted it 15 to 1 and it was greasy. Right now im using just a basic nothing fancy baby soap. Since the ph is low, shouldnt attract much. I really dont want to realize a year later I have build up in them or worse. Ive read PEG of any sort is bad in the ingredients?
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Koko Earthling
4 years ago
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I don't know anything about the PEG to be honest, I'm not sure what that is :p feel free to enlighten me! hahaha :) I can tell you what worked for me: I used a cup of baking soda/gallon of water solution once or twice a week. You have to leave it in for 10-20 min and then rinse it out with lots of water. It really helped them lock up, but I didn't do much work to them to begin with so I don't know how important the locking factor is to you right now. A couple of months into using the baking soda I started spacing out the washes more. It was more of a lazy decision, I just didn't think I needed to wash them. Then maybe 4 months into it I used Dr. Bronner's for the first time. I just soak the dreadies in water and then add Dr. B's by putting some in my hands and rubbing them together, then on my hair. I like to really scrub the scalp and not use much on the dreads to minimize residue, but once in a blue moon it's nice to use a bunch of Dr. B's and really give them a good, deep wash. It is time consuming though, because to rinse it out you really have to practice patience and use up alot of time and water. It's only once in a long while, though, so I suppose that's okay. I just did that for the first time and I am 1 year and 7 months into it :p
My personal dreading choice was 50/50 laziness/environmental so I am drawn to encourage you to give Dr. B's another try and use more water to rinse. If you don't like the oiliness (I think your hair does soak it up in a matter of a couple of days, though) maybe you could use the baking soda solution as afterwash and then rinse with water again. I've tried that a few times and it worked fine for me :) I've never paid much attention to my hair though so maybe I just didn't notice anything wrong with it. Haha!

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