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How to deal with Lots of Loose Hair

4 years ago
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Hello I'm new here and i got something I can't get my mind off of.

Today I was researching on how to maintain locs and i stumbled upon a video about retwisting. I cant remember the guys name but he had major breakage and i decided I didn't want that. Since I started my dreads a year ago and I didn't re twist them much since then ( 4 times I think..?). My main problem is after a month or so I'll have a lot of loose hair every where, so how would I manage that. I'm am down for anything that isn't harmful.

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Cody Harder
4 years ago
30 posts

The simple answer is don't. They will take care of themselves, just keep washing and separating when needed.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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leave em be they are fine retwisting removes loose hair by making u go bald

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4 years ago
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Just keep it clean and let it be friend :) Separate the baby dreads as needed. All it takes is time. Im almost to two years and my bangs are just starting to get teeny knots, same for some [REALLY long!!] loose hair on top. :) Happy dreading!

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