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How do you take your vegan coffee?

4 years ago
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I love all of your comments! Thank you all for responding! Last night I had a dream I ate a bite of steak(I loved steak) and in my dream I spit it out and was like "I cant believe I put that in my mouth!" I tried to make some noodles that have milk already in them (we were out of vegan food and poor) I couldnt bring my self to eat it. I had a can of peas instead. I think I'm vegan now.

Just like with dreadlocks I woke up one morning having never questioned my life them Bam! my brain clicks over and havn't looked back.

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4 years ago
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I don't drink coffee and rarely drink tea.

My breakfast typically is two packages of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal and two of three fairly ripe bananas. Plus five medjool dates when I have them.

Lunch is usually more fruit and a small handful of nuts or a large fruit smoothie. Sometimes it is burrito using the bean dip I make the night before with rice in a large burrito tortilla or a Amy's non-dairy bean burrito.

Dinner is typically a crown of steamed broccoli when I make spaghetti using a home made pasta sauce. My salads are usually chugged (My salads are a small handful of spinach, kale, and red chard pureed in a blender together with at least 8 oz of low sodium v-8 juice.) Twice a week I make pizza using a home made New York style pizza crust, the home made pasta sauce and daiya cheese. Once a week I have a bean dip that is made with one large hass avocado, a small handful of baby spinach, shoestring carrots, v-8 juice, chia seed, dried bell peppers, and three different spices. When the money is available I'll head over to chipotle and get a vegetarian burrito without the dairy and the free guac on the side.

Let me know if you want the recipes for the bean dip, the pasta sauce and or the pizza crust.

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