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will beads help with my crazy lumps?

Victoria Wares
5 years ago
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hello there, i am 3 months with my dreads and they are lumping and bumping. i am not as fond of them as others seem to be. i have been putting beads over the humps to get rid of them because i read that would help. it just seems to be smashing them. i think when i take the beads off the hump will still be there just smashed till i wash them. any healthy suggestions out there? i did wrap one of them just as an experiment.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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leave em be they are essential to proper dreading and will go away on its own

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5 years ago
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I know it's frowned upon by many on the site, but if they really bother you try palm rolling after you get out of the shower. Don't do it often, just while they are wet. And focus mainly on the section with the bumpy part. I tried this on one that was at the back of my head that would just stick out a little too noticeably for my job and it started to round out pretty well. :)

5 years ago
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leave the beads on for a while or wrap them for a bit, but the lumps & bumps are a necessary part of dreading, they have to be able to shrink up (creating the bumps) to knot. i wouldn't suggest palm rolling because that is only a temporary fix & works best with wax (which is really bad), & it can do more harm than good to your dreadies. the bumps will pull in & smooth out (mostly) on their own when the dreads come to maturity. it's just a stage to wait out

5 years ago
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Yes, beads will help. You will like the bumps later, because that is what makes your set of dreadlocks yours and unlike anyone else.

Be prepared to have new bumps forming after your dreadlocks have stopped shrinking and started to grow longer and when sections of untangled hair starts to become a dreadlock.

Victoria Wares
5 years ago
2 posts

thanks guys. i live in an area where nobody seems to have dreads and all the info i get comes from this site and a few others. no matter how much i want to let my hair do its thing, every new change has me questioning "is this normal?" lol

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