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5 years ago
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My dog Ivy is a border collie mix. Her hair is very long and she sheds a whole lot!! I have been saying for years that I am sure that I have her hair mixed into my dreads lol. Because my hair is dark and has several shades mixed in.....I would never find it....but I know it is there. I carry pieces of Ivy everywhere I go :)

updated by @taye: 07/27/15 11:11:57AM
5 years ago
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That's a great story! I recently noticed something in one of my locks that didn't look like my hair. I pulled it out and realized that it was some other humans hair! lolwasn'ttoo thrilled about that one. not so cute as your story. I do have a favorite dread though the one directly behind my right ear, Iwrappedit and put my little Buddha charm on it.

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