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lifestyle change

kendall caponetto
5 years ago
7 posts
A bit curious ... since I have started my dread journey I have changed my lifestyle quite a bit. None of this was forced at all it just came naturally. I have quit smoking cigarettes ..not as bad as I thought. I have changed my diet and started exercising again. Not to mention, staying away from mainstream products and going for the more natural ones. I also started a compost for the first time and can't wait to plant my garden! Especially excited for my hops!! I was also wondering ... what kind of changes did all you go through(beside the hair of course) when you started your journey? Forever grateful, and much love! !! {~} :)
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,526 posts

the individual changes would take hours maybe even weeks to list so it would be easier to list what didnt change and i was going to say shoe size but im not so sure aboit that either

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
kendall caponetto
5 years ago
7 posts
Haha. Fair enough :) well said.
Castaway J
5 years ago
585 posts

yeah man. i have only found that more and more i am just falling into the life ive always wanted to lead. i started the e cigs so i havent technically quit yet. i havent had a phone in couple months, still cary it with me for music purposes but thats it. kinda off grid i guess. although having a landline would be ideal i think. i to have steped further away from using products and am more concious of the food i eat. all good changes i might add.

melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
Its helped my self confidence tremendously. I'm learning to embrace my thick frizzy curls instead of trying to hid them. For once I'm happy to have curls :)I've been a vegetarian, animal lover, spiritual person/someone who meditates and loves any and all forms of art since a very young age, so all I felt I was missing was locs :)
5 years ago
31 posts

Already one month in my current dread journey and i"m much happier day to day than previously. I used to struggle with anger issues now i haven't had a fit in over a week.

I've been overweight with PCOS for quite some time now and never happy with my appearances once i started dreading i started taking more pictures and not using photo shop. I'm actually happy about my body.

5 years ago
70 posts

I am only in my 2 month of dreads I find myself happier. Happy because I always wanted my hair this way and I'm more patient. I do not care that others think my hair looks messy and on most days I get more compliments on my dreads then negative comments. I find with dreads you kinda become a teacher as well, and it takes patients to tell person after person how proper dreads are formed and that you can take care of them. Having dreads definitely teach me something everyday.

5 years ago
38 posts

lol...well right now m mowing down on a bundle of parsley snips and some cashew milk (freshly made) because i decided to do my spring detox early and i have a horrible headache becasue i also stopped smoking just two days ago... its actually not that bad. ;)

aside from new improved concern for my body (temple) and what products i support and pay for to use at energizing this beast of a machine (im a girl.. ;) and also a mom. ) i've also started caring more about community. for example i watcha whole bunch of documentaries while cutting wire (for work) and made me want to travel meeet people see the earth, and my fellow earthlings..ya know. i feel connected. and the need for more connections.

i have more time in the morning, and i take shorter showers. my head stays nice and warm cause when im out i always have a hat on. lol.

overall i def feel different/energetic/curious, a lot of the anxious feeling has dissapated in me now. and only four weeks in. !!

Great topic! hope all is dreading nicely your way...

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