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Hi guysss

Kena Brown
5 years ago
26 posts

So, its been about 3 months since I last had a major freakout, because my dreads wernt dreading, or becuase something wasnt going right, and I just want to thank, every single person who helped me, deal with my little problem, which I thought was big! My dreadlocks are doing GREATTTT!! there at 9months now, Im soo excited for them to become 1year old.

After these months of having dreadlocks, I fully understand why people call them their Dreadlock Journey'

Because when you have dreadlocks, you will be up and down, you'll have your bad days, your good days, the days where you just say to your self, 'why the hell I have go dreadlocks.

But I am sooo happy, I made my self to be patient and accept it, because I dont think Im able to take them out, I would really feel lost without them, Dreadlocks are a beautiful things, and only those who call dreadlocks ugly, are those who dont understand.

thankyou for this amazing website!


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,273 posts

i know you just reminded me of a status update i wanted to post

if dreadlocks are so ugly why do so many beautiful people have dreadlocks

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Kena Brown
5 years ago
26 posts

Hahhaha! Glad I reminded you:')

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