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My Dreading Journey: One Year with Dreadlocks! (Pictures!)

Shade Of Ashes
09/01/13 02:25:54PM
78 posts

Hey y'all, it's officially been a year since I've had dreadlocks... wanna see how they're doing?

Go here!:

It's my blog, feel and share the love! <3



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christina popejoy
09/02/13 01:10:12PM
93 posts
Looking fabulous!! They look soooo mature for a year!! It really is a different journey time for all of us right! Happy dreadversary and nice blog too :)
Michelle Stone
09/02/13 01:29:35PM
7 posts

beautiful! they looked great from the beginning..kinda making me think maybe I should've done backcombing! :) and congrats on your weightloss too!!!

Nicole Schaefer
09/02/13 08:50:51PM
71 posts

They are looking great! And way to go losing weight the right way :) You have such a beautiful and kind looking face<3

Just one question- do you just get the bar soap for your dreads on indigowild??

Salem Haley
09/02/13 09:59:47PM
4 posts

your blog is beautiful! I love it :)

Shade Of Ashes
09/03/13 12:00:18PM
78 posts

Thank you all so much! <3 Dready love to everyone! XOXO

(Nicole: Yes'm, I just got the bar soap... I love it. They have many different products but I like simplicity. Oh yeah! They make this great hair mist but it's like everything else, some think it's great, others think it's not. I personally love the mist for spritzing in my hair when my scalp gets a bit cranky. :) )

Nicole Schaefer
09/11/13 09:57:10AM
71 posts

Do you know if it is good to use in hard water? I love how they look and the price ;) I just gotta make sure it will still clean my hair properly! thnx

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