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Growing Plants. no-dig

Paul Harasimow
5 years ago
5 posts

Anyone here a gardener? Im big into growing vegetables. Also like growing some flowers.

Just recently started reading up on no-dig gardening. To quote Charles Dowding

using a system of permanent slightly raised beds and permanent paths. Worms and other soil life do the digging and keep the soil open. There are few weeds, because the soil is not panicked by being disturbed into 're-clothing' itself, which happens when the reservoir of weed seeds lying dormant in every soil are exposed to light, when soil is disturbed.

The key principle is to mulch, mulch, mulch with compost so the worms arealwaysfed. It's not 'the lazy method' as i sometimes hear it described asthere'sa lot of work in gathering,transporting and spreading the compost or bark chips orwhateveryou want to use. However, mulching can be done in any weather. (unlike digging which is best done when the soil is neither water logged nor bone dry). And if you suffer from a bad back like I do, you willimmediatelyrealizethe benefit of not digging.

So if your interested look it up.

2013 is the year I learnt that to be more organic I need to throw away my spade as well as my comb! (I just said that for emphasis, the spade is stillveryuseful for removingperennialweeds, colecting manure and lifting potatoes).

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

There is a Group for gardening, you should join and meet others with your same interests, you will get great help, tips etc. The group is called Gardening and was started by Soaring Eagle.

Paul Harasimow
5 years ago
5 posts

Thanks I will join that group.

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