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Thinking about dreads?

Amanda B.
6 years ago
2 posts
I don't have dreads at the moment, though I'm thinking of them. The thing is, I dye my hair lots (like purples and blues), though I never bleach, or use chemical dyes, it's always all natural pigment, and I was wondering if I had dreads, would I still be able to dye?
updated by @amanda-b: 01/13/15 09:41:31PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,421 posts

yes u can ofcourse but u might not want to its lil trickier u gotta be extra carefull to rinse out the dye extra thouroughly wich isnt easy u can dye ofcourse theres plenty that do but some have m essed up their dreads dying too especialy bleaching

if the colors worth the risk to u go for it

how were u thinking of starting though?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Aya Heartright
6 years ago
91 posts

What do you use to dye your hair?

I would just be careful of dyes that have a conditioning property to them, since that can make the dreading process more of a headache than it needs to be.

Also, with having dreads it opens up a whole new world of fun things you can do with your hair: wraps, beads, charms, wool dreads etc.

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