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Dreads on bald heads

Jaime Collazo
07/31/14 11:48:09AM
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I have heritage baldness, do you too? Why it's seen like a epic fail to have dreads and baldness? It's because a few people just wants pop a style of hair? If you have a heritage of baldness and want to share your pictures explaining why you grow your dreads you are welcome ...
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/31/14 05:38:48PM
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GOOGLE MY FRIEND FANTUZZI damn thought i disabled capslock

if ya notice he wears scarves alot with his dreads but if u look through the pics anbd vids u see hes mostly bald u can see how bald in the woodstock pics

hes rocked the dreads for as long as ive known him at least 15-18 years maybe longer

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07/31/14 07:07:16PM
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also the singer from the reggae band john brown's body, Elliot Martin. He rocks dreads with a bald head. In many cultures, dreadlocks were/are worn as a symbol of reverence and enlightenment. And for many of those same cultures, baldness is a sign of the wisdom that comes with experience. If top of your head is bald, then it was intended to be so. I say wear both with pride!

Jaime Collazo
08/01/14 11:50:54AM
7 posts
Awesome detail I almost forgets, jzithulele it's truth ...
Jaime Collazo
08/01/14 11:51:52AM
7 posts
S Eagle - I like the band
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