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List of all dreadhead jobs!

02/07/14 12:40:56PM
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Very true which is something I've thought a lot about recently.Truly appreciating my surroundings at the moment. It took me quite a few years of self doubt but I feel confident and sure that I have everything i need to be happy, and it a lot easier than I thought :) <3
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/07/14 01:33:46PM
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That's the way i feel bout running this siteIt really makes me happy so I love doing it and putting a lot into it

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TattooedLady Wendy
02/07/14 03:07:26PM
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I am a Post Master with the United States Postal Service, I run my own Post Office in Revere, PA.....and My customers and co-workers love me and my dreads, tattoos and piercings. Can I just add thank you to the Federal government for NOT discriminating against dreadlocked, tattooed and pierced people.

Right On

02/07/14 09:20:16PM
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I work for an AWESOME animal shelter full time :) and I love it. They don't like my dreads tho, its a pain to deal with them... because my dreads are not going anywhere. I don't care HOW small of a town I live in or what the people think :) I AM NOT what they think I am :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/08/14 11:20:45PM
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i work for all you beautiful people and dont think you have any issues with employees with dreads :)

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02/10/14 06:50:28AM
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I am a teacher .. :)

02/10/14 12:05:45PM
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I manage at Mcdonalds and use to be a hostess at Perkins, only my district area manager at McDs has said something about my hair, once, but he's just an asshole so.. :)

Marissa Victoria
02/11/14 01:52:18PM
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I currently work at a Yoga studio. Which was thankfully a godsend during the middle of my transition from free flowing hair to Locks but it would be quite odd if they were to have discriminated against me with the whole Yoga philosophy of non-judgementI'm also training to be a yoga teacher which I've also seen plenty of dreadies in. Someone came into my work that also worked for Lululemon, an upper brand of yoga clothing; Anything in the conscious arts would not discriminate; otherwise that would make them hypocrites; still it does happen!! But just have confidence because at the end of that job interview they see the confidence and skill sets you have, not just what your hair looks like.

02/11/14 02:16:03PM
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It's kind of funny how some stereotypes get formed about those with dreads and work. Either people automatically assume you're unemployed or people with dreads have only a few options. This thread proves that wrong, lots of diverse jobs and that's great.For the duration of our whole relationship to present, we have been self employed. Both of us sell things online. I usually say "things" because if I went through the list of all we've sold, it would be way too long. He usually sticks with selling anime, but I've been on etsy off and on selling handmade and vintage items and ebay for the most part keeping like new textiles out of the landfill. I loved thrift stores so much that I turned my hobby into a job.I personally couldn't handle working for a corporation for only minimum wage again. The workers are treated like tissues and there's barely any time off. I like freedom.
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