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having troubles finding a job

john lucas
6 years ago
4 posts

so the title says it all every where i go people think im insane or a stoner when i dont even smoke im clean as clean can be but because i have dreads they all think the same thing "oh he's a pot head just look at those dreads" IM NOT A POT HEAD if i were id have a pot of flowers on my dang head, im not a stoner either WTH is with these people why cant i have my hair the way i like it and you just get used to it i dont complain about the 2000 pounds of makeup on yer face so why do you judge me for my dreads, im a very hard worker and just like to help people but every time i go into apply at a job they instantly make a point of commenting sonegativelyon my dreads WHY, WHY DOES IT MATTER i can keep them covered in my hat or i can pull them back into a pony tail and nobody even notices or i can wear them in a pony tail and cover them with my straw hat at the same time but man im already going bald no reason to pull my hair out any faster than it already is falling out. so my point is i cant find a job and im trying to move so i can be big brother to my baby sister who is now three and has grown so much without me there but i cant move till i get money to do so and i cant get money without a job and it seams i cant get a job with my dreads but i refuse to cut them they are me and if an employer cant handle it then i guess im just screwd heck ive applied for green house positions, janitor positions, night staff, warehouse, temp services, lawn laborer, general contracting, automotive places, tree farms, farm hand, ive applied at every location that i have skills and minor skills in but i just cant get a job im getting depressed at this ive made a full-time job out of just looking for a job


Hippie John

updated by @john-lucas: 01/13/15 09:30:28PM
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