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Dreadhead discrimination!

6 years ago
16 posts

Laughing it off is always great. It depends on my mood of course! Sometimes it bothers me greatly, but only because I'm attracting negative energy due to my shit mood. And other times it's a great laugh. And that thing about a "pot head uniform" is absolutely hilarious!

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Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

isn't it. I love Chapelle.

6 years ago
3 posts

I just wrote this up on my facebook account last night after coming across websites where caucasians were constantly being 'attacked' for wearing dreads. ~ "I'm going to be creating a full write up on this in the near future. I'M TIRED OF HEARING RACIAL SLURS via internet websites REGARDING SKIN COLOR AND DREADLOCKS! Please for the love of intelligence, before anyone blurts something out in ignorance, RESEARCH! Know your ancient anthropology before you claim that certain HUMANS should NOT wear dread locks based on ethnicity! Almost every culture in existence wore dreadlocks long ago! Celts, Norse, Germans, Scottish, etc... please, please research before belittling entire cultures and ethnicities!" <3

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

It's funny about the drug stereotype. I think it comes from the link between dreads and rastas, and rastas and weed. The only difference between rastas smoking weed and other people smoking weed is that because Rastafari is a lifestyle, it counts as a label or a category, so you can judge people belonging to that category as people who smoke weed. Whereas the rest of the weed-smokers are people who fit into so many different categories that you can't really judge them.

Anyway, it's stupid. Dreads have been around in all sorts of cultures, and even if it's part of African culture, I wouldn't see the big deal. Racists don't want to adopt other cultures, they want to eradicate them. Embracing another person's culture isn't something to be offended by in my opinion. I love other cultures and I'd love to embrace different aspects of them. I can't see how it's a bad thing to want to share culture with others. Even so, discriminating against people with dreads is just one more stupid and judgmental thing on a long list of things.

6 years ago
16 posts

Brigitte and Tara C you guys have hit the nail on the head! Mostespeciallyabout racists wanting to eradicate other cultures, not associate with them! Why would anyone with dreads go out of their way to dread their hair just to be "racist"? It makes no sense! Seeing as dreads are a rather large commitment and way of life I can't imagine doing it to "mock" other cultures. Once upon a time (not too long ago) I saw a person (white and with dreads) post on their Tumblr how anyone with dreads who got them and didn't do it as a spiritual journey OR if they didn't think about how they would affect other cultures just by sporting dreads, did it to be racist. It really appalled me that someone, even WITH dreadlocks could be thatincrediblyignorant on the whole topic. It's unfortunate people have those silly beliefs.. I've had quite a few people talk to me and express their longing to get dreads but they just don't want to be labeled "racist" in the event that they do make the journey. It makes me sad that people are ruining dread journeys for others by their rambling ignorance!

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