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Elvira Figueroa
06/21/13 01:50:35AM
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So im 6 and 8 months into my dread journey and i love it. But the annoying thing is hearing crap from my family. Its always they look like crap or get them professionally done or blah blah take them off you're not pretty anymore. Even my mom says that. They are looping alot and i have no problem with that they are doing their own thing and my dreads have taugh me alot of patience. But its just so annoying hearing it every day. I just got a job at mcdonalds and theyre telling me it wont last long and im graduating high school next year and they said for prom im going to look really bad. It just gets really anoyying.

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Jayke Watson
06/21/13 02:41:57AM
118 posts
I'm not sure what you could do about that buti hope you start to feel better, they'll come around :) just stick with it :)Peace
Elvira Figueroa
06/21/13 02:48:26AM
24 posts

haha yeah all i can do is ignore what they say, i try not to let it affect me!

Jayke Watson said:

I'm not sure what you could do about that buti hope you start to feel better, they'll come around :) just stick with it :)
Jayke Watson
06/21/13 03:17:03AM
118 posts
That's the best thing to do! I'm glad, just think about how awesome your locks will be and use that for inspiration! :)
Tara C
06/21/13 06:00:59AM
645 posts

Ignore it. My parents are fine with it, but they do often tell me I should comb them out and get them done at a salon, no matter how many times I explain to them that it's not how they're formed. I wish I'd never backcombed so they wouldn't have gotten the idea into their head that they have to be made lol. It's extremely frustrating, but what can you do? Educate them, tell them it's your choice and you love how you look, and/or ignore their criticism :)

Kerry LoCo
06/21/13 10:58:37AM
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If you are 6 to 8 months along, it might take a while before your parents get used to it and stop nagging you about them.

In regards to your job, as long as you keep your hair clean and within the job regs (pulling them back or using a hair net, etc.), it shouldn't be a problem.

As for prom? There are so many things you can do with your dreads to "fancy" them up if that is what you want. From beads & barrettes to fascinators to weaving flowers and/or ribbons in them, you are only limited by your imagination.

the Barrellady
06/21/13 11:39:27AM
1,302 posts

Hi Elvira. I hear what you are saying. You can't stop them from saying it and it does bother and hurt, so many of us have been through that. . Nothing we can do about that but hang tougher. You are half way there and the best is yet to come. When I was 8 months into my journey, my son got married. Do you know what I did? For that one time, I went into a hairdressers, (one I never went to because it was out of town) and had them create a beautiful up do, and I mean beautiful. Take in your own bobby pins, the ones that are slightly wider than regular bobby pins, same length, but the have a wider gap between the two sides. Believe it or not, she used 50 of them, and made my hair look fantastic. Then she added in a thin scarf wrap that came with my dress. I could not have been happier with how it turned out. I did let her use a little hair spray, and the next day I used my Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo and soaked my dreads in the tub for 1/2 hour, just to make sure all the hairspray was removed. Just don't let them talk you into adding gel or anything else to them. Wide hairpins and hairspray only (not too much hairspray). You can add any accessories into it, like flowers, head wrap to match your dress...etc..Just take a whole bunch of items you might want to add in, then choose what would work best once your hair is done & she will add it in for you...You too can have beautiful hair for your prom, who says you can updo it once...oh yeah, take out the bobby pins at the end of the night, don't sleep with them in.

Wait until all those annoying people see your dreads at the 3 year mark, when they are mature and have grown longer. Bet they will say sorry by then......Enjoy your prom, you will be gorgeous.....peace

Baba Fats
06/21/13 01:41:53PM
2,730 posts

By the prom your locks will look great. If you're about 6-8 months in, you're about 1/2 way to mature locks. So in another 12, you'll be well past the normal year mark that it takes for mature locks to form. So by the time you're thinking about prom, they'll be amazing.

You can't stop people from being ignorant and hurtful. All you can control is yourself. If you can find a way to make fun of yourself while they are still forming, it'll be so much easier on your emotions. I used to joke with people about how I'm wearing a potheads uniform. I don't smoke pot, and everyone knows it. Just find what works for you.

In the meantime, work to block out what people have to say about your locks. Remind yourself, daily, that what others think about your isn't important. What you think about yourself is all that really matters. In due time you won't have to remind yourself anymore. It'll become second nature, and you just won't react to negativity without smiling first and knowing for a fact that those people are only hurting themselves with their negative attitudes.

Those kind of people wake up miserable, every day. And they go through life being judgmental and hateful towards anything that they disagree with. Do you really want to pay any attention to what they have to say?

the Barrellady
06/21/13 01:57:12PM
1,302 posts

Amen Baba Fats, Amen

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/22/13 04:04:00AM
27,164 posts

just say to mom

"sometimes theres more important things in life then being pretty"

then get up and walk away

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