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Children with Dreadlocks??

9 years ago
105 posts
I don't have any kids but When I do I'm going to let them grow dreads when there young.. and when the get old enough they can decide what to do with their hair, if they want to keep the dreads or not--I believe my children should have a choice too-- I LOVE seeing kids with dreadlocks!!!
updated by @foxyfresh: 07/22/15 06:29:53AM
Crazy Amanda
9 years ago
26 posts
i cant wait till my sons hair is long enough for dreads!
8 years ago
32 posts
I would let my children have dreads. But I would want them to be at an age to choose for themselves and be able to understand how to take care of them :) (just like if my youngest would want her ears pierced) If my 5yr old asked right now for dreads I would be all for it (although her biological father would pry crap his pants) :)
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