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Supportive parents?

8 years ago
362 posts
I come from a very strict Catholic background... so needless to say, my parents haven't really had my back when it comes to anything that they don't approve of. During my goth phase, they openly told me in front of the rest of my family that I was an embarrassment, and the entire reason that they didn't go to more family functions. Great.After my parent's divorce though, things have changed a good bit. My mother has decided that she's a lesbian...and well, homosexuals and the catholic church just don't make good bedfellows (if you know what I mean). So suddenly, she can't question the choices that I've made in my life, because she's just contradicted everything that she's ever told me about marriage, relationships and religion. My father, on the other hand, has become jokingly rebellious. He'll joke about something that I know bothers him as a way to get it out of his system and bring it up to me without being confrontational. He's proud of the life that I've chosen, even though it might not be his way. And when it comes to my dreads, my father is actually taking what he has learned from me, and passing it on to any Alabama dreadies that he sees at the supermarket or at a restaurant. He's proud of his dreadlocked daughter because she has a family in California. So I've even been a way for him to branch out and meet new people...I can't tell you how happy that makes me!Dready outreach sounds like an awesome idea!! That way other parents can get letters of reassurance from their 'peers' rather than from the children that tend to be looked on as 'not knowing any better'. We'd just have to make sure that said letters were worded correctly, lest they come off as " I know how to raise kids better than you" cause we all know that'll set a parent off in .3 seconds flat.
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Spider Feet
8 years ago
458 posts
I think my parents just figured I am a high impact individual. =DMy dad messes with me about it in a non serious way, just like I mess with him about getting tubby, lol. Same with my brother.
momma has dreads
8 years ago
159 posts
I am a parent with a son who has has natural dreads for the last 6 years. He did my hair :-}check out my photos on my page, photos of him and myself too.peace and love your children
8 years ago
212 posts
i am an only child to a single mum who is 100% supportive
Lauren Larsen
8 years ago
31 posts
ive always had a very supportive mother who has always been there for me through everything! including my redicuous hair journeys! she loves my dreads and i couldnt be happier! not only my mom, but my entire family loves them my family is very open minded and im so grateful.
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