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I want my 3 years old daughter to have dreadlocks

Lapis Angela Lazuli
6 years ago
76 posts
Oh wow I see! I probably would have been able to dread her hair around that age too, but I sure wasn't thinking about that... And I do agree, that they should have choice. That's why I'm not piercing her ear till she tells me she wants them.

Mindy Swartz said:

My daughter had never had her hair brushed, and she has a TON. She started forming a single dread at the back of her head, I wanted to leave it, but hubby untangled it with his fingers - he said he wanted her old enough to decide for herself before attaching her with a social stigma. She is 11 months so obviously too young to agree to anything other than a diaper or boob at this point, we will see. Pi (3) says he wants dreads, but his hair is too short right now for them. He is awful about getting his hair washed, we're growing out his hair and I told him if he agrees to his hair washings he can have dreads, if not then I will cut his hair again. Time will tell :)

updated by @lapis-angela-lazuli: 07/27/15 11:22:24AM
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