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people judging me as a mother and my son

7 years ago
10 posts
I am so sorry and I feel your pain. I'm only fifteen but I have a six year old brother who I'm often taking care of. when I go out with him people think I'm his mom and seeing me they give the dirty looks and the hushed comments. but I take very good care of him and try to help raise him as a nice, healthy, young boy. people judge my mom for letting me dread my hair and have peircings too. I find it a bunch of bullshit. In the sad society we live in nowadays people judge and succumb to stereotypes. Just because of how I look people assume I am some dumb potsmoking hippie all the time and think I am a bad person for it. I think it's sad that people have come to such a low level, and if they got to know me, and I'm sure a lot of others on this website, they wouldn't assume such rude ideas about us.
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Julia Katherine Freitas
7 years ago
28 posts

I agree with soaring. Don't give people the response they want by becoming upset or angry. Laughter seems like the best solution. :D Much hope and love to you. Your family sounds beautiful :D

7 years ago
12 posts

as a yogi my advice is to ignore the ignorance. They don't know any better. have compassion for them. feel bad for them that they think the way they do, and judge others.

I know it can be so hurts , ya know?, I have 4 kids under the age of 5 and I'm only 26 and people make rude comments to me : ( my 3 year old has new dreads and I'm waiting to here some rude comments.

much love and respect to you. I think you are a wonderful loving mother. *hugs*

Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
Girl you guys are great parents, he's happy and learning to be himself at a young age, and being taken care of. People are going to judge parents regardless of what it is. I get judged for letting my kids pick out their own hairstyles, (son's is a mohawk) and my 6 and 2 year olds begged for blue hair so I purchased some veggie dye and I'm going to do it, now my son is afraid to go to school w/ it because his teacher already doesn't like that we "don't conform" and he's afraid she's going to say something but he wants it done badly. So I don't know what to do, do it as he wishes and tell him not to worry about his teacher I'll deal with her? or have him wait till this summer. A lot of my older generation family hate his 'hawk and wish I'd let his hair grow out....I tell them it's his decision it's his hair. My daughter wants beads in her hair and so by golly I put them in there and then I get "are you dreading her hair too?" I'm like no, if she gets a bit older and wants dreads then yes I will allow her to have dreads, people judge people they don't understand, just smile and teach your son that not everyone is as open minded and easy going as you guys!
7 years ago
11 posts
It's horrible people are so judgmental about dreadlocks they are a natural wonder of the world. I think it's great your child is getting locks at a young age. Hopefully when I have kids they'll have some awesome locks.
hippie mama
7 years ago
154 posts
awe thank you all for so much love. i wrote this blog like a years ago and ive grown in my parental confidence. i know im a great parent now. in the beginning i was real nervous about if i was doing everything right and therefore my confidence was low and thats why theyre comments got to me BUT NOW seeing gauge compared to alot of his peers my son is actually pretty advanced. hes potty trained, knows his alphabet, how to count to to like 15. he can count in chineese, he knows his shapes and loves books and has a great personality. so humurous and awesome. so now that my confidence in my parenting technicue is high i dont even listen to the haters.
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