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Dread-less and about to break!!!

shea bannon
7 years ago
19 posts

I love Dreads !!!! I want dreads so bad but my dad ismakingme do requirements to get them. Im a high school senor with Pretty good grades, but he wants me to get 3 A's on my midterm report card to get the dreads. itsdrivingme up a wall how everything has to have arequirementto happen. Im a waydifferentperson then i was in thebeginningof the year now im vegan 50 pounds lighter and an avid runner, so i feel that getting dreads will cement my journey toward a better life and me as a person. He told me last night that iobsesses over them and its gettingannoyingme talking about them all the time , but how do you think i feel i cant stop thinking about them i feel like im going crazy!!! and btw thats not all the requirements he gets moreextreme. so any advise or just someone to talk about it with would really help.

with love to all,

Grizz aka Shea bannon

updated by @shea-bannon: 01/13/15 09:10:38PM
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