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Hey guys..Just trying to see how many people have family members who "disown" you because of Dreads.

Ilvin salazar
8 years ago
20 posts
I've been trying to have dreads for a while,but my family kept bringing me down in a way. So i always ended up combing my hair out.I started about a month and a half ago,By the end of august i believe,an they are coming out okay. But just two days ago,my aunt came for a visit,and was disgusted i guess. She kept saying how they werent clean,even though i wash them every 2-3 days.I kind of like messing with her, and started shaking my hair to make my point,and she was infuriated.I'm not really bothered by it,but i wanted to see if other people where going through similar experiences.:p
updated by @ilvin-salazar: 01/13/15 08:47:52PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,421 posts
my mom for 15 years every conversation involved cutting hair everytime i made eye contact she made scissor motions with her fingers..every single time..year after yearalways saying she was embarrassed to be seen with me etc..then 15 years after all that we went xmass shopping in a malleveryone who walked by would say nice dreads and very conservative very old ladies came up raving about how they never saw anything so beautiful as my dreads wanting to touch parents have never said a negative word sincei think with families they mostly worry how your appearance will reflect on theyre parenting skills theyre affraid of judgement and being seen as bad parents because of a kid whos perceived to be out of control or a degeneratebut when they see u get respect and admiration the attitude changes completelyso..just bare with it ignore it and know 1 day they will see the light

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Ilvin salazar
8 years ago
20 posts
Yeah, That's just the way most people are.But the weird thing is,my mom doesn't really care,she understands why im doing them, now.But my aunt is the only one being immature about it,It doesn't bother me,but sometimes it gets annoying.
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