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How can I tell my mother that I'm getting dreadlocks?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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tell her looking horrible is all a matter of perspecyivefor proof of that look at how many people are attracted to severely obese people orany extremewhat some might think looks horrible others find very beautifullook at the ideals of beauty in the modeling industry, anorexic skeletons that look and are inches from death they are held up as perfect even though they really look quite scarymom i love dreads i think theyre beautiful and if you simply stop looking at themas horrible im sure you will see theyre beauty too one dayperspective is 90% predjudice after all

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/22/15 06:29:51AM
8 years ago
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also you can tell her superficiality isn't an issue to you, and that if anything it's a plus (if so) parents seem to adjust the worst to this change, my own isn't even quite done with her comments from time to time,Hell I think SE said it was like what, 16+years for yours to start to come around?anyway just be prepared for that, but they'll eventually grow on her, (metaphorically :)what's most important is you let her know it matters to you.
8 years ago
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Yeah I wanted to tell her immediatelly that I know I'm gonna look horoble to many people... I'll even look quite bad to myslf for the first few weeks/months but I'm not doing this to look better. I don't feel like a nomal person but I look like one(for the most part). Looking different makes for being recieved differently and truly, the only people I wantto be assosiated with are the types of people who will accept me dreadlocks and all.... But I think I'll go slowly one her. She's a good person but is incredibly stubborn and close minded. I'm just glad my dad is supporive(though I do t think he likes it either) and my older brother will probably want me to give him dreads after he sees how awesome mine will turn out(eventually)thanks so much for the advice!! I'm so glad I found this site :)
8 years ago
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I didnt tell my mum i was getting dreads i just went and got them done (shud of gone the neglate way) haha you shud have seen her face. but at the end of the day my hair my choice, the same applys to youi think she likes the look now, i was starting to look a lil... sensitive with long hair so it was a crew cut or dreads, dreads are easyer and cooler and more fun the list goes on dreads are the way forward man
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