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Advice on making my own Customized Baking Soda / Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for New Dreads?

Sarah Weathers
5 years ago
42 posts

Hello :)

I hear so many of you speak of how wonderful the BS/ACV rinses are for your dreads, and I am very interested in how to make a rinse for my hair - and perhaps customize it by adding other natural ingredients (advice?) I would like to make the rinse eliminate any residues and really give a great clean, seeing as my newly dreading hair has been through the brutal wax-removal with dish soap and distilled white vinegar (undiluted). The wax removal was, I believe successful. So, going forward I'd like to start off with some healthy BS/ACV cleaning regimens and I'd like some good ideas for proportions of those ingredients mixed in water, and what you would add in the way of essential extracts and such for extra cleaning or nice things for your hair :) I have long hair so I'd be soaking it in a bucket or something probably...Oh I also have eczema that is under control but I do have very sensitive skin. Very. I have fine and straight hair, and loose naturally forming new dreads.

I am going out in the country for a bit and would like to maybe get these ingredients and write down the recipe before I go away and can't be on the internet. I will be washing my hair in a few days. Sorry I am new to all this and know nothing about this cleaning regimen. Thank you for your ideas :)

Peace and Love,


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Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

I can't remember the amounts needed, so someone else will be able to tell you that, but I have very bad eczema, sores on my scalp and everything, and when I used to try the baking soda, it was cool, didn't aggravate it. Also, adding a few drops of essential oils, like teatree and lavender and rosemary and...whatever else...can be beneficial.

Sarah Weathers
5 years ago
42 posts


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