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What to do about irritated skin?
6 years ago
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Here's what I have- irritated follicles along my hairline in the back. They're swollen and sting.I'm wondering if there's something about the bs/acv (I use rosemary, bergamot, lavender) that would cause this. I do have very sensitive skin, and an auto immune disorder that affects my skin (but not like this, and not on the scalp). I'm wondering if anyone else has had anything similar? I've started to use a salve before washing to see if that'd help. I don't notice much difference.Any ideas?
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6 years ago
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whats the auto immune disorder (i have 1 too pemphugus) treatments often im=nvolve steroilds and imunity system supressants which make what she said more likely

im not sure about bergamot but teatree on those spots is definately recomen=ded twatree not just in the bs wash really scrub it in (might sting)

hot teabags applied can help draw our=t some ofthe puss

but id say if you are seing a dr for the skin thing id really recomend u talk to them

with your weakened imunity system its bestto take care of anything like this fast

i know i got a sinus incfection thats kicking my ass making me weeze and struggle to breathe

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