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Dandruff on scalp and in dreadlocks.

Short Story
7 years ago
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I do SE's dreadwash with the oils and baking soda but aside from my itching going away, I've noticed that my dandruff stays. It's not as prominent as it was but if I go to scratch under a dreadlock, dandruff comes up and gets stuck in the knots of my hair. I'm not sure what to do about it because they look kind of dirty near my roots. Any suggestions would be great.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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how strong are u making it u might not be 100% free for awhile herbs take time to work

and u can make the bs lil stronger add a freezing cold rinse after

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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7 years ago
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I've found that I don't mind a little dandruff as long as I'm not itchy! Remember that since you aren't brushing your hair anymore there's no way to remove the dandruff your scalp sheds naturally. I wonder if this is what you are seeing...

PS A cold water rinse at the end of my shower seems to help loads with itchy which in turn helps with the flaky.

tyvon boyd
7 years ago
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Allan Welch
6 years ago
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hey!! yeh i have this exact same problem, mainly around my hairline. but yeh i have been having dandruff problems along my dread journey for ages now and i still have it but it has improved alot! and i'm trying out a new washing schedule of the the rosemary and teatree oil shampoo bar every 2 days and then the baking soda and vinegar rinse every month! i'm really hoping this works. soaring eagle recommends this washing schedule for me and it might just work for you to!

Nick Sig
6 years ago
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I used the oils, and it just wasent for me. I was turned on to a product by a friend called Alaffia, Neem & Shea scalp Recovery. Check it out, the product has done wonders for me.

6 years ago
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this post is a year old.

Nick Sig
6 years ago
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hah i see i see. Thanks

6 years ago
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But the advice is timeless :P

Hey Nick, maybe you should post a separate review for the shampoo you are using?

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