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6 years ago
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I work outdoors and love camping and I also would love to be able to better repel ticks. Just the other day I found one on my leg. It seems to be a time of year when they are really active here again.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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im not sure how to repel them but u can not attract them by some diet changes like cutting out swets and stuff

i have had the past 20 years maybe 2 and i spend alotta time in deep wilderness

ive sat under bushes and ppl on either side of me h=got 15 in mu=inutes and i got none

maybe teatree repels em too im not sure but i think its more ahout making yiur blood less aof a treat

garlic and tobacko can be fead to dogs (in safe doses) to kill off ticks and i think repell em so maybe just eating alota garlic is the key

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6 years ago
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Im a veterinary technician, so I get ticks on me all the time. Rest assured humans are not natural hosts for ticks. They'll climb on you, walk on you but rarely bite. And when they do it hurts, so its not like they'll go unnoticed. They use us as vehicles not as hosts. What they really want is a dog or a deer. And in the woods they stand on grass blades waiting for you to pass and grab your pants or shoes. Just wear a repellent on you body and you should be good!
Star Gryphon
6 years ago
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I don't know if I was wrong in doing so...but I've used citronella oil directly in my hair before working out in the field. I also agree with eating garlic and staying away from perfume products. seems to keep most bugs away. I've never had a tick, and hardly get bitten by spiders, mosquitoes or other insects. personal belief is that if I don't kill insects like spiders and such...somehow this is known...and they will respect you like you respect them. :)

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