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Fleas and hwatknot

The Rapture of Exile
8 years ago
33 posts
I've noticed over the last couple weeks fleas hopping off me... is this something that I need to be extremely concerned about? will fleas actually damage scalp health? Also, I use a hairdryer maybe once every month - month and a half, will occassionally using a hairdryer harm the hair? p.s. I only use it if i have to shower at night, or when it's overcast and crappy outside.
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Panterra Caraway
8 years ago
665 posts
Fleas can carry lyme disease not to mention that they can jump off of you and infest the furniture and hair of others. Lyme disease is a serious auto-immune disease with no do not want that. I would listen to Melanie and mix up something to repel those critters! Good luck!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,402 posts
fleas are only on u in the absense of any animals they are not infesting you but your house or pets trwat your pets bomb your house if needed yea put on the re[ellant to keep em off ya but its not u they are after your just a snack when a meals not aroundthey wont be living on u just grabbing a bite on the runif u got pets start there if not bomb the house theyre in the rugs in the furniture everywhere

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
8 years ago
292 posts
if you dont want to use the highly toxic bomb stuff you can use diatamaceous(spelling?) earth in carpets and furniture.BTW lymes disease is certainly not incurable unless you listen to MDs who will drive the spirokete deep deep down.
The Rapture of Exile
8 years ago
33 posts
Thanks all! I use the lavender Dr. B's and i suspect that may help a little bit. Excellent advice, I guess i need to bomb the sam hill out of my house... have a cat and dog with fleas.
colbi godlove
8 years ago
48 posts
man im got dreaded yet but got some strains that have been staying for 1 week, but last night i was brushing my teeth and i seen a brown thing on a strain of mini dread and i brushed it with my finger thinking it was flint then it started crawling up the strain, a flicked it and didnt see it on the floor, hope it wasnt in there long, the short time i saw it looked like it had wings so hope it flew on me not crawled, but thanks for posting, learned some tips for repellent for future bugs, i own a dog and take care of a homeless cat plus i volenteer at the humane society next week so probley gonna bring home fleas. Peace
Mama Harrison
8 years ago
117 posts
Borax is a natural flea killer and cheap to boot. It is labor intensive, but will not hurt your pets or you like chemicals will and works great. You should get a box of borax powder from the local hardware or grocery store and you then dry brush it into the carpet and furniture that is in the house. You need to wear a mask while you do this because any powder that can be inhaled into the lungs can cause serious damage, but once it is down you don't have to worry about pets ingesting it or it getting onto your skin or anything. The life cycle of a flea is 7-10 days so you will need to do this process again in 7-10 days to kill the hatching eggs. Get your animals on a flea treatment ASAP--once you do this you will be flea free.
Aurora Borealis
7 years ago
34 posts
Eucalyptus oil is excellent for fleas. They don't like it so they will hop off if you dab it all over your scalp. We used it when my dogs had fleas and it worked, plus I never got them and I think it was probably because I dabbed eucalyptus oil between my dreads.
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