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A new TV series with the intention to dispel the myths and stereotypes around people with dreadlocks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
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been wondering that too i think they are still waiting to find just the right ppl to reply

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3 years ago
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I love this idea! :) I'm looking forward to this!

I'm a security guard and haven't had any problems job wise, however I would love for people to be more educated. I do get tired of people thinking I don't wash my I also think a series like this would be great because it may pave a way for guys with dreads to be more accepted. I've noticed a very sad pattern... women with dreads are more accepted because they can put their dreads up in up-dos or buns often, where as hairstyles like that are not accepted for men... thus they can't "hide" their dreads like women can. Its not fair and no one should have to "hide".

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