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Favorite type of sandwich? (project help)

5 years ago
71 posts

I wasn't really sure where to put this discussion so SE you can move it if need be.

So for my project I have to create a restaurant, and I'm doing a smoothie and sandwich joint. Anyway, I'm working on the menu right now and I'm not sure what types of sandwiches I should put on there.

You should all tell me your favorite types of sandwiches! Everything from the classics to stuff you've made up yourself!

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5 years ago
92 posts

Roast beef or turkey with avacado on sourdough roll? lol

5 years ago
34 posts

ciabatta and foccacia are the best breads! pesto, turkey, romaine,parmesan and cranberrysis a good one

5 years ago
518 posts
Turkey, pesto, guac, cucumber, romaine panini. Ickes and romaine to on after the grilling of course lolI like Jimmy John's vegetarian, lettuce, provolone, guac on sandwich roll.Grilled 3 cheese panini. I think the cheeses are cheddar, provolone and havarti.Reuben's always kick ass.French dip made with havarti instead of Swiss.Those are my favorites. I love sandwiches!
5 years ago
518 posts
I really need to Lear to proofread... 'ickles' should be cukes!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,421 posts

avacado and artichoker hearts with rueban

marinated plan tains

tempeh with a ginger/garlic sauce

fire roasted banana peppers and eggplant

(depending on where the resteraunt is) hemp seed spread with canabis leaves on ganja bread with ganja crackers on the side and a spicy ganga mango chutney

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Cole Morton
5 years ago
109 posts

Wheatberry bread with jalepeno aiolli midrare tuna roma tomato sliced avacado

cranberry pnut butter and homemade apple butter

Hawiian roll with grilled jerk pork tenderloin pear chutney cranberry aiolli cabbage, sprouts and tomato

5 years ago
71 posts

guys these all sound delicious! thanks so much for your input!

5 years ago
70 posts

pretzel roll, corned beef, onions, candy bacon, cheese, with jack daniels bbq sauce.

melanie rose
5 years ago
177 posts
Tomato mozzarella pannini.Lettuce tomato onion peppers and hummus.This is making me hungry!
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