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Frustrating mess

Leilani Ariana
5 years ago
6 posts

^one of the worst

Hey everyone, I need some advice and reassurance. So I've had my dreads for 10 months now and while some parts are improving, others are not. First of all I need help with the roots. It's not so much that I mind the messiness but it's incredibly overwhelming when I try to separate them. I feel like they are all going to congo together and it will be one big mess. Any tips forseparating? Another problem I have is enormous loops and curves/kinks. They are huge and messy and ugly looking and I honestly have no idea how they are going to come together and fix themselves. Some parts of the dreads look great but others, not so much. Because of the loops and messiness, I get a lot of whispers behind my back at school. It's prettyembarrassing since I'm the only white kid with dreads at my school and so no one really understands that the process is different with my hair type. This is all very frustrating but I love my dreads and will not give up on them, they are like my babies:) I just hope you guys can give some pointers to help them get better. Also, I do not put any products in my hair. I just wash them and sometimes fiddle with the ends, I want the process to be healthy for them. They were interlocked when I first got them but I never interlocked them again so they have been doing their own thing since. Thanks for any help ahead of time!

Much Love,


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Danny Parker
5 years ago
28 posts

Hello, nothing looks wrong with that pic, loops and lumps and zig gags are very normal, loops turn into locks, they will mature over time, also with seperating best time to do this is when they are wet, as for people saying stuff, no matter what you do in life there will always people that dissagree and have something bad to say, dont listen to them, if they want to know about them tell them, if they dont like it so be it?

just let nature take its course!


Cole Morton
5 years ago
109 posts

I think looking at timelines has been the most encouraging thing when it comes to my "messy days." Your dreads ar progressing normally, and will round themselves out as they mature. Your locs are beautiful, keep on keeping on! Happy Dreading friend.

5 years ago
44 posts

Mine are like that, and I love them! only about 8 months in myself, but they are constantly changing and have so much personality! Personally, I think the bumps/loops/zigzags are beautiful, and fascinating. Don't give up, darlin, nature has a way of nurturing us! <3

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