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The beauty of natural Dreadlocks, and support for any fellow early dreadies!

6 years ago
18 posts

I have hair past my shoulders. And I'm dreading my hair naturally, but the funny thing is as messy as my hair is now... I get tons of your hair is beautiful comments. LOL. I like the way my messy hair looks and messy hair looks on other people. Goes to show you everyone's different.

Enjoy the messy time!

updated by @tazz: 07/22/15 11:36:19AM
Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

beautifully said!

6 years ago
18 posts

When I start to feel a little discouraged at my progress, I love to come back and read this post. Well said!

The-Pygmy Page
5 years ago
43 posts

very very true words here .

DaThrill Helton
5 years ago
48 posts

ya know what? this is so true :) this helped me have a different attitude as well. I have went through my journey with the idc attitude and havent enjoyed the true beauty in it. Thank you for this inspiration.

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