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Natural Dreads Take Time

Cameron Zion
7 years ago
45 posts

So lately I've been running across a lot of people concerned about whether or not their hair will dread. My first set were tick-combed candles that would not dread no matter how long I stared at them, weird I know. A girl I worked with who was a radical Christian hell-bent against all things no white said "Maybe God doesn't want you to dread your hair". Seeing as how I know Jah made our hair to dread I was moredisappointedin people than upset. Anyway fast forward 3 years and add on a bunch of life experience thrown into bags that were weighing me down a bit much and I decided to start over. To learn to love myself and pursue my own happiness and start living. A natural part of that in my eyes is letting your hair lock. So 8 months later as my hair has started to dread beautifully and is locking tight with blunted tips from where it curls. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and no longer look like an Aryan super-soldier. Taking the Nazarite vow and my faith in Rastafari have also made my life incredibly more positive and enjoyable. Taking alcohol, cigarettes, and eating poison out of your life and its amazing how inspirational the world is. So unless you are malnourished, aging rapidly or extremely greasy for a human being your hair should dread. A friend of mine who just cut off his 16 year old dreads said it took 5 years for them to lock. Knowing the source that might be when he considered them dreads, were a good bit a like which explains why I haven't posted pictures yet. So as it's been said over and over and over and over on this site, learn to just be and stop wishing and you'll get what you truly want. Once you realize you don't have much control over anything in life other than your own soul it will be easier to let your hair take its course. However if how you appear to others is still the most important thing in your life rejoice! and be grateful that greater issues are not on your mind. One Heart, One Aim, One Destiny, One Love- Jah Rastafari. Jah Bless

updated by @cameron-zion: 01/13/15 09:08:18PM
Kelly Martin
7 years ago
4 posts


Inspirational......Thank you!!

Blessed Be!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,421 posts

great post but when you said it took him 5 years then added till he considered them dreads i guess you meant they dreaded much sooner but he wasnt happy till they grew long enough for him to consider them dreads?

why did he cut em?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Cameron Zion
7 years ago
45 posts

They looked like dreads after a year or so just weren't super super tight. I haven't asked him exactly why he's been avoiding any talk of dreads since he cut them. He's planning on letting it grow back out. I know the first set had to do with healing and finding himself after being awakened by some Rainbow friends. He's pretty complacent so I don't think that influence from culinary school or his age had anything to do with it. I'll have to ask him when it feels like he's ready. It's funny I had someone say "it's just hair" the other day and it really shocked me. But I guess those who don't want to understand never will. But the fire of hate and anger will put itself out as long as we don't fuel it. All you can do is feel sorry for people who hate their lives. Short story long haha

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