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Love your dreads and they will love you back!

7 years ago
2 posts

Excellent! This is the reason why I joined this website! Keep it up, this will help those in the struggle for growing their crown naturally!!!

updated by @dreadiej2: 07/22/15 05:38:24AM
Steven Wind
7 years ago
62 posts
I want to print this out and put it on a mirror lol. It is definitely inspiring and a good thing to read when doubting progress :) thanks!

Earthiest said:

Thanks for this, as a newbie only 9 days in, this is very reinforcing and inspirational! I'm sure along my journey I may come back a read this over a few times in the future ;) Thanks!

7 years ago
8 posts

very lovely written <3

I let my dread puppies do whatever they like. I can't be bothered doing much of anything to them.

They are wondrously beautiful and will continue to make my heart smile:D

.. as did your post:) <3

Summer Fralick
7 years ago
2 posts

Thank your supportive words.

Frank Schuster
7 years ago
95 posts

Great post!

this is even a good thing to learn for life. Learn to love something even it is far away from being

perfect und it will give you back the love and pride you need to share it with the world instead of

feeling insecure and hiding it.

Very inspiring :-))

Katie Kendall
7 years ago
43 posts

mmm and i just love the smell of lavender too..<3

Chevelle Trant
7 years ago
33 posts

I absolutely Love this post. But to be honest if everyone was as understanding and knowledgeable as this beautiful sister, then this website would never exsist in the manner that it does. I wish more people would let em go and do their own thing. I wish also that all the ignorant haters out there would see all you dreadies as what most of you are, beautiful wonderful people.

Amy Lee2
7 years ago
87 posts

omg! i love this post more than any other post i have ever read here! thank you so much. i am in my 4th month and have been having so many doubts within myself because of the crazy, bumpy, curly, ratty mess that is on my head. this has made my day. and helped me carry on with my journey a little longer. bless you sister.

6 years ago
49 posts

Love, LOVE this! Thanks for such wise and encouraging words!

Lenore Osorio
6 years ago
6 posts

yes this is a great one ,love love it too, iam at my 6 month an having a ruff time lost sooooo much lenght, 8 inc its so short i too have had many ups , downs highs an lows , but you know after reading love your dreads YES YES!!!! this is so true i love my dreads!~!!!!

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