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Negativity towards dreadlocks

2 years ago
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Thanks Mikayla :)))

mikayla roman said:

LMAO. I too have gotten the "real dreadlocks" comment. All i did was yank on my dreadlocks and said gee they don't seem to be coming out so I guess they're real. Some people don't have an open mind about new transformations and honestly, if you can sit alone and be in love with your dreadlocks dont worry about other people no matter how close they are to you. They ARENT YOU. YOU ARE YOU. and in my opinion YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. DREADLOCKS ARE BEAUTIFUL. NON DREADLOCKS ARE BEAUTIFUL. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL. some people just don't have the mental capacity to realize that yet.. They will come around, and even if they don't fuck it. Your hair, your life. YOUR JOURNEY. i hope this helps you my dear :3

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