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parted hair?

Chris Alarcio
7 years ago
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so my hair is about an inch past shoulder length and is parted down the middle. i'm doing natural method and was wondering if there is a way to keep dreads from sectioning with the part still straight down the middle or if i should just let it be as thats just the way my hair falls? i have a couple sections starting to tangle in the back of my head but everything on top is just barely starting to section now. thanks!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,527 posts

the part will go away on its own

the sections will section where they want

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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7 years ago
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my hair parted a little off center naturally due to a cowlick. i just let it lay how it wants. it has gradually become a less perfect part over time. i wouldn't worry too much.

7 years ago
33 posts

My hair is parted mostly down center when it dreaded actually--it depends on your hair!

7 years ago
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I didn't do any deliberate sectioning, just let it go, and my hair found it's own rough part. I think it looks OK. If you're don't mind not having a perfectly neat line on your head, I'm sure yours will look fine too.

7 years ago
29 posts

I'm only a month into my journey but am seeing a few baby dreads already and my hair is fairly sectioned. My part was down the middle of my head naturally and I was also concerned about what would happen to it once I started this process. Although there is still a lot of change to come my part is still there and it seems like my dreads are forming around it :)

Good luck!

Star Mercer
7 years ago
34 posts

I am about 4 months into natural dreads. I've always had a striaght part down the center of my head, even when I didn't try to make it that way. I have about 4 or 5 good dreads on the right side of my head and a feww good ones in the back. The hair on my left ide is sectioned(on it's own) and started to knot up. I still have the part though. My hair still has a long way to go though, so I may end up losing that part in the center... .Which I don't mind. :) Good luck!!!

Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts

My part was pretty dominate (in the middle) for awhile but now it's starting to just go however it wants, the hair does what the hair does

7 years ago
34 posts
if your really set on that perfect part down the middle just keep an eye on new knots and rip them into the sections you want
Castaway J
7 years ago
585 posts

my part has been slowly getting less and less defined over the last month. i have one that twisted in a way to where it now crosses over the part. pretty cool :)

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