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Dreadlock styles for LONG dreads

Nina "Darth Valkyrja" Marley
4 years ago
5 posts

For some reason I can't see posts on this forum, so I'm going to ask here to save hassle.

My dreads at the longest points are passing my lower back now. I find it hard to do almost all of the styles that I see in videos and on YouTube as mine are just too long and look awkward. Are there any ladies (or gents) with some good long dread styles? I'm getting bored of the bun knot and braids.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,417 posts

mine are a foot past the floor i usualy just wrap into a ball bigger then my head but thben it flops around and falls out

the only time4s ive had nicer styles done was with help lol//just too long and crazy to manage myself but what was done (i think since i was high on a mountain a 2 hour drive from the nearest mirror) just started on 1 side twisting a handfukl

then taking thbat and coiling it around my head like a halo/crown then taking the loose dreads and wrapping those around all the way around so it formed like a tight crown


but since yiur su ch a geeky chick (not meant to be deragatory) u could do the princess leih double dread bun type thing or a variation 1'2 bun with the remainder flowing out from the center

there is a vid in featured vids ..or no maybe its niot featured but its in vids showing a dozen or so lo9ing dread styles

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Nina "Darth Valkyrja" Marley
4 years ago
5 posts

Thanks! I'll check out the videos.

I have actually done the Leia's before lol.

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