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Curly caucassian Hair Pictures (Mature)

5 years ago
67 posts

Hello , it's Pete ones again.

I have extremely thick hair, with curlyness. I'm not african type of curly but the curliest after that hehe.

I have caucasian hair type.

Now to the point

I've always been wondering and googlin what sort of dreadlocks u get "about" with natural neglet with my hair type and never found any pictures or anytime line. Everybody has more curlier or less curlier hair than me, i know few people on this website thought with same sort of hair, and this is dedicated for you.

A person who negleted with curly caucasian hair.

This picture proves that he is curly (On the right side off his head)

updated by @pete: 01/13/15 09:51:02PM
5 years ago
67 posts

This is not my hair, but their probably few years old :-)

5 years ago
83 posts
You can check out my pics. my hair is close to his i'm curlyness.
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