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the beauty of the early messy stage of natural neglect dreadlocks

Gavin Parsons
5 years ago
8 posts

Due to my job I have to pull my hair in a pony-tail...when its down it looks sooo good.Its in the "crazy" stage and sadly corporateAmerica isnt as accepting asid like it to be. Plus it gets in the way... (I work at a hospital)Will pulling it back tight have much of an effect? This site is so amazing, thank you SE and all the people contributing to this. I love this journey and have NO plans on ever cutting/hurting my hair again. The BS/ACV was forum is great. I am using SE "recipe" with tea trea oil, lavender, rosemary and following the updates. THANK YOUZZZ!!!

updated by @gavin-parsons: 07/22/15 11:27:15AM
joshua caine
last year
3 posts

This is my first time doing dreads and it's only been about a weeks since I started my Journey and I've already got babies starting to form they just ratty clumps as of now but I'm confident they guna get bigger soon and hell my hair is way way short like 3-3.5 inchesĀ 

last year
7 posts

22 days Neglect


Donna Hunter
3 months ago
8 posts
I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've had to read this.. Thank you for your words.
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