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9 months natural pics, Super fine texture Started with 2 feet of length

7 years ago
108 posts

Well almost 9 months, it'll be a true statement on the 10th of March :) I started with 24 inches of hair and went total neglect for a week. I had very damaged hair and it was split end madness at the ends. During the first week my hair was turning into one massive dread where the split ends were present and was trying to section off where the hair was healthy on the upper part. I decided to pull apart the sections where I could see the hair trying to naturaly do this on its own and I gave each section 3-4 Twists and Rips to try and keep the sections to them selves. The split ends in the hair work like the hook and loop system in velcro and will dread extreamly fast from my expierence so if you have them dont worry about it. I then spent the next several months constantly pulling the sections apart as they wanted to combine together. I did this about every other day. Now at 9 months I do it about once every 2 weeks but could probably go a month and I would be ok. As far as washing I found some Tea Tree shampoo at my local walmart and have been using that, I wash about every other day sometimes everyday depending on my job for that day, I feel the washing locks them faster as your fingers massaging your scalp while you wash tends to knot everything up quicker just my opinion. At work I wear a ball cap and was worried at first this might cause the hair not to dread, well dreads find a way all they need is time no matter what you do, just throw away your comb. welllll heres some pics, my camera is a little outdated its a 3.2 MP so pics are kinda blurry, but you get the jist :) Happy dreading all...


And now a pic right before I threw away my comb!!! ha ha wow what a change :)

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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they turned out amazing and will only get better as they get longer and older

definately not nearly as much shrinkiage as backcomb/tnr woukda had

and they look great

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
7 years ago
108 posts
Thanks SE, Hopefully we both get to make it to the gathering and I can give them some dirty earth conditioning :)
Kanna Vincent
7 years ago
4 posts
Looks great! Good job!
7 years ago
132 posts
your dreads are awesome, and look really unique. i love it
Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts
love them!!!
Mark Fry
7 years ago
39 posts
they're great fella
7 years ago
108 posts
Thanks everyone! ya there getting there, only 9 month into this. Looking like my ends on the back are going to be super whispy :) thats cool with me, what ever they do they do. Ok you wanna know when you got dreads and not hair trying to turn into dreads? This is how I tell, when your sitting in your computer chair and you lift up the back of your hair/dreads and let them fall you'll hear a thud thud thud if you got dreads ha ha, hair trying to become dreads are too soft still to make a sound lol... JMO... I'm sure theres many other ways just thought that was funny enough to tell, maybe its been 215 happy hour too long??? who knows lol Keep knotting them up!!!! AND ALSO!!! If anyone reads this thats in the Eureka Arcata CA area, I need to know if theres any places near town I can park my bus and not get hassled by the LEO's making the move here really soon..... Thanks everyone...
5 years ago
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awesome and shrinkage good sign of new growth to come:) im 9m right now:) im fallin more inluv with me thick long locks every freaking day haha :) peace

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