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My TnR Dreads at 3 and a Half months :D! (better pic added)

Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts

Well i cant believe its been almost 4 months now since i first started dreading my hair i didnt think they had changed much till i looked at the first pic and compared it to one taken today!! im pretty happy with the progress ive had some moments where ive got oh man maybe this was a bad idea but im glad ive stuck with it

so heres a comparison from my 1 week pic and almost 4 months pic!!

let me know what you think :D

ADD better pics! this time taken by my 9 yr old ahaha..

updated by @ashley-eve: 01/13/15 08:58:18PM
Ashley Eve
7 years ago
43 posts
ah yeah slightly dodgy photograph as my partner is dreadful at pics haha.. i should get a better one i have a folder on my pc of pics ive been taking along the way
JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
7 years ago
217 posts
i was excited to see how they were coming along but the picture sucks!!!! i want a better one ;) from what i can see they're looking great!
7 years ago
74 posts
They look AWESOME!! The progress is always much more noticeable if one ignores her hair for a while. (-:
7 years ago
8 posts
WOW! im inspired im putting in my dreads tonight (t&r)
7 years ago
1,291 posts
looking good! you can see some looping starting to come through:)
Angie Glaze
7 years ago
18 posts
They look awesome!
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