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5 Month TnR/Natural

7 years ago
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Well I started in August, here are photos of my 5 months + couple days.

I started by going natural for 4 months. Washing every 3-4 days with BS/ACV. I then TnR my natural sections and now just leaving them alone. I wear my tam some days, but I've been wearing it less and sleeping without it as well. Seems to speed the process up more. I now wash with Dr.Bonners (Peppermint) shampoo, but I go back to BS/ACV here and there. Anyways....let me know what you think :D

(I don't understand how this works lol you see the two back shots?? That's the same day. I just tilted my head back and that's how they look)

well this is enough photos for my 5 months. I might skip photos for my 6 month and just wait till March/April....when you keep monthly takes the fun outta dreading.(in my opinion xD)


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7 years ago
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Lookin good! :)
7 years ago
283 posts
Thank you guys :DAnd yeah I do the same Calien. I like get worried and try to shape things. Now I gotta learn how not to care what they look like and let them form on their own.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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asd a spoonfull of sea salt to the bs and watch em really dread up fastter

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7 years ago
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I live right by the beach SE, I'm going to go tomorrow (hopefully) for a dip in the semi cold water.

Thanks Knotty :D

I love my camera :3, I want a new one though :/ That one is so out of date.

The only problem I have with my dreads is on the right side my hair line...kinda goes back and I have less hair (i burned my scalp when I use to straighten my hair at like...16)....but the left side has the hair so it looks like I'm bald in one spot :/

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