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Starting Dreads

4 years ago
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Hello, I am Tigist. I am going to start having dreads. However, I do not know how to start them. I have researched a lot about Wax and not to use it. I took the idea of not using any products, however, how are my dreads supposed to look good? I am very excited to start them, but nervous on if there is any special type of way to do them. Any suggestions?

updated by @tigist: 01/13/15 10:06:30PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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welcome they will look wild for awghile but the wildnbess looks great just embrace the craziness as it dreads you can try tnr if u want but letting them dread themseklves is much better

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3 years ago
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is there a real "start" getting dreadlocks? The journey should begin by stop brushing your hair, using dread shampoo and separate while you get along.

I've started crocheting and I can tell you: Instant dreading doesn't exist. It won't hold. Nature knows his ways

updated by @sasn: 01/20/15 05:20:04AM
3 years ago
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Welcome Tigist!  Like SE and sasn said, just let your hair do its thing.  I'm actually looking forward to when my hair gets that wild look.  I guess it's already started. ;p  For the shampoo, I'd suggest starting with BS/ACV or get a shampoo from  I actually just got mine and used it like an hour ago so I'm excited to see how it speeds things up!

Sasn, I think the start of my journey happened when I came back from a fest last summer and some of my hair was spiraling around itself (DNA style :) and forming a few knots.  I'd been thinking about dreads for years so I just thought, well they seem to want to start locking so here we go!  So I think for some, they decide to start, and for others, it's the hair that decides. ;)

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